Jobs and Theses

A selection of possible research projects is described below. (Almost) all projects can be adapted to suit different levels of experience: bachelor, master, PhD or PostDoc.

Molecular dynamics of organic solar cells

Nanoparticles in human blood flow

Computational study of biofabrication for tissue generation

Computational study of oxygen delivery by red blood cells

The above list is meant to give a flavor of the different research opportunities in our group.

As research projects often contain novel ideas, it is usually not a smart idea to publish them in full detail on a web site... if you are interested in further project options, thus, please contact us directly.



Aus allen drei Forschungsbereichen unserer Arbeitsgruppe gibt es Themen für analytische und/oder simulationsorientierte Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten. Einige Beispiele finden sich hier und hier.

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