Drug delivery agents in human blood flow

Intensive worldwide research efforts are currently being dedicated to explore the potential of synthetic micro- and nanoscopic particles as drug delivery agents (DDAs) in the human vascular system. Our goal is to understand by means of computer simulations the physical multibody interactions between DDAs and the red blood cells which they encounter on their way from the injection needle through the cardiovascular system towards their target organ.

To understand the behavior of DDAs on the mesocsale, it is necessary to investigate simultaneously the microscopic trajectories of many DDAs, their hydrodynamic interactions and collisions with the highly deformable red blood cells, and the resulting macroscopic flow. Modern algorithms together with the power of present-day supercomputers are now able to provide such a complete picture which is very difficult to obtain from an experiment.

Here we use two very different methods: a boundary-integral method and an immersed boundary code which we contributed to the free software package ESPResSo.


micro-particles flowing within branching blood vessels



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BSc thesis (2014)

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A. Schnapp
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Investigation of the Boundary Integral Method for Stokes Flow
M. Hahn
MSc thesis (2013)

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